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CES Snapshot: Try New Makeup, or a Mustache, With Panasonic Smart Mirror

Ready for your digital makeover?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall: How would I look with a cop ’stache?

Thanks to Panasonic, I now know. The electronics company is showing off a “smart” mirror prototype amid its rows of home appliances at the International CES this year.

The mirror has an embedded camera that scans and projects an image of your face on top of your reflection. Then it offers suggestions and lets you try out different looks by applying digital makeup and facial hair.

Panasonic first demoed this at IFA in Berlin this past fall, but CES 2015 is our first time checking it out. And as with many of the wares we’ll see this week, the company hasn’t said when this will be available to consumers or how much it will cost.

See how it works in the video below:

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