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Mark Zuckerberg discovers that books are pretty great

At a time when the web game is increasingly dominated by the quest for Facebook traffic, it's fascinating that Mark Zuckerberg has found a new passion for the original form of shareable content — books:

I also like books and am currently reading Andrew Roberts' recent biography of Napoleon. I'll say, though, that I actually find the internet to be an indispensable companion to non-fiction reading. Sometimes Roberts mentions things in passing that I'd like to read about in more detail, and then off to Google I go, sometimes immersed for hours down various rabbit holes about the life of Marshal Bernadotte or the Kingdom of the two Sicilies (one Sicily was, well, Sicily and the other was southern Italy).

At any rate, three cheers for books! Matt Zeitlin notes that the Zuckerberg endorsement has sent The End of Power rocketing up the Amazon charts as the book has "shot up over 44,000 places on Amazon's ranking of book sales" since the Facebook founder's post.

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