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CES Snapshot: Garmin's Fashionable Fitness Tracker

The new Vivofit 2 features interchangeable bands created by designer Jonathan Adler.

When you picture a Garmin wristband, you probably see a black, hefty gadget that serious runners buy to pair with their chest-strap heart rate monitor. At this year’s CES, the company hopes to appeal to fitness fanatics who also read Vogue. Its $130 Vivofit 2 smartwatch comes with a standard silicon band that no one would be caught wearing on a runway. But in the next few months, Garmin plans to introduce its Style Collection’s Signature Series bands, which are made of leather and stainless steel. If that doesn’t grab you, the former King of GPS paired with hip designer Jonathan Adler for a collection of bands with his designs on them.

As expected, the Vivofit 2 has some new tech features, too, including audible alerts that tell you when to get up and move and a year-long battery life, like its predecessor. It also auto-syncs with iOS and Android to give users a bigger screen on which to see their daily health stats.

And runners can still reach for it before marathon training: The Vivofit 2 costs $170 when bundled with a heart rate monitor.

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