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Sony's Netflix for Old Games Will Cost $20 Per Month

After months of complaints, the game-streaming service gets a better pricing option.


PlayStation Now, a videogame streaming service announced at last year’s CES, is getting a subscription option.

Starting next week, a one-month all-you-can-eat subscription to the library of PlayStation 3 games will cost $20, and a three-month subscription will cost $45. At first, subscriptions will only be available to PlayStation 4 owners, but Sony says they’re coming to “other PlayStation Now enabled devices in the future.”

Previously, users had to pay “insane,” “ridiculous” and “completely broken” rental fees per game. While the streaming service was in beta, for example, it cost the same amount to rent the game Guacamelee for 90 days as it did to download it and own it forever.

The “other devices” that can use PlayStation Now include Sony’s 2006 console, the PlayStation 3; its handheld device, the PlayStation Vita; a $100 TV box, PlayStation TV; and some Sony TVs under the Bravia brand. Games available on the service include Bioshock Infinite, Uncharted and Saints Row 4.

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