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Netflix Will Start Blessing Some Internet TVs With Its Logo

Or, an alternate headline: Some TV sets will help Netflix market its streaming service.

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Netflix is going to start anointing some Internet-connected TV sets with a seal of approval.

The streaming video service says it will start designating some new sets as “Netflix Recommended” this spring. Netflix says it wants to highlight sets that come with “consumer benefits including turning the TV on instantly, faster app launch and faster resume of video playback.”

A new “Netflix recommended” logo will start appearing on some sets from Sony, LG Electronics, Sharp Electronics, Vizio and some Roku TVs this spring, Netflix says.

Netflix executives have been pushing TV manufacturers to make Internet services and apps easier to access for some time; they’ve argued that most Internet TVs still treat traditional linear TV as the viewers’ default choice. Of course, the Netflix branding on the set also helps Netflix promote its own service, which boasts some 50 million subscribers worldwide.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has affixed itself to TV sets. In 2011, the company convinced some TV manufacturers to add a Netflix button to their remote controls.

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