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Want to buy liquor for the Super Bowl? In 12 states, you'll have to do it before Sunday.

If you want to buy harder liquor in time for the Super Bowl, you may have to do it before Sunday depending on which state you live in.

Some states have prohibited all sorts of activities — work, loud noises, and horse racing, as a few examples — on Sunday to uphold the day as a time of worship or relaxation. Many of those bans have been repealed or deemed unconstitutional, but some states still prohibit Sunday liquor sales.


MinnPost's Briana Bierschbach previously explained the opposition to a repeal in Minnesota, which applies to other states as well: "Liquor store owners from across the state are organized by the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association (MLBA), a powerful lobbying force at the Capitol. Mom and Pop liquor shops argue Sunday sales would force them to be open seven days a week but just stretch out same revenue they'd make over six days. Each year the MLBA joins forces with the Teamsters Joint Council 32 union and liquor industry lobbyists to squash efforts to repeal the ban."

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