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64 years of NFL history, in one GIF

The 32-team, $10 billion beast that is the NFL began in 1920 as a humble collection of 14 midwestern teams based in cities like Akron, Ohio, and Muncie, Indiana. Over the years, 12 of those teams folded and the other two ultimately moved, but the league eventually gave rise to a stable, profitable league with a national geographic base in larger cities.

Zachary McCabe

This animated map — which shows logo changes, expansion, and relocations — begins in 1950, shortly before the rival American Football League formed and eventually forced the NFL to merge with it in 1966. In the subsequent years, eight more teams were added, ultimately producing the sports juggernaut that we know and love (and hate) today.

Note: the map incorrectly shows the Cardinals moving directly from Chicago to Arizona in 1960, instead of spending 27 years in between in St. Louis.

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