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Meet the Startup That Wants to Deliver Your Deliveries (Video)

Parcel is Uber for missed deliveries before you miss them.


If you live in a big city these days, there’s a delivery startup for everything: groceries; weed; and even meals from restaurants that don’t offer their own delivery.

Now there’s a startup called Parcel that — wait for it — wants to deliver your deliveries. The idea is straightforward enough: Instead of having a package delivered to your apartment, you have it delivered to Parcel’s warehouse. Then, for a $5 fee, Parcel will bring that package to your home during a one-hour window of your choosing.

Founded by recent college grad Jesse Kaplan, Parcel has raised $1 million on its pitch that city dwellers who live in buildings without a doorman would rather pay five bucks than make a trip to the post office to pick up packages they’ve missed. It’s currently operating in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Sound interesting? There’s more! Here’s a short interview I conducted with Kaplan this week, where I ask him about competition with Amazon, whether it’s possible to build a business on the back of a simple $5 fee, and some other stuff.

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