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Vine Rolls Out Children's Version of Six-Second Video App

Who's thinking of the children? Vine, that's who.

Vine is thinking of the children.

The Twitter-owned video company on Friday rolled out Vine Kids, a lightweight kid-centric version of its popular video app.

The app, which doesn’t require users to sign up or follow anyone, will offer a curated collection of six-second Vine videos that are appropriate for kids. Those videos will be selected by the Vine team, and users can simply swipe left and right on the screen to hop from one video to the next.

Vine Kids certainly doesn’t feel like a business move for the company. The app was created during a company “Hack Week,” in which employees are encouraged to set aside their regular work projects and build out new ideas for the product.

It doesn’t hurt that young children who watch Vine Kids growing up will likely turn to Vine’s mainstream product once they’re older, but this seems more like a “fun” project than anything else.

It has been a busy week for video at Twitter; the company unveiled its own consumer video feature earlier this week, which should mean more video content in your Timeline moving forward.

Vine Kids is available on iOS beginning Friday. We imagine most of the content will be as fun and adorable as this:

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