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Disney Thinks Small to Tease a Teaser Trailer for "Ant-Man"

What is this? A trailer for ants? It has to be at least ... three times bigger than this!

Andrey Pavlov / Shutterstock

Disney and Marvel Studios struck social media gold yesterday with a viral video that was made to be unwatchable: A trailer (sort of) for the upcoming superhero flick “Ant-Man” available only in “ant size.”

The 17-second video, which trended all day on Facebook, is in fact an advertisement for another advertisement, the full-size teaser trailer, which will debut during the new ABC show “Agent Carter” on Tuesday. Like “Agent Carter” and the existing show “Agents of SHIELD,” “Ant-Man” is another entry in the ever-growing panoply of media connected to the hit “Avengers” movies.

The so-stupid-it’s-brilliant trailer notched more than two million views on YouTube in less than a day.

If you’re wondering why the trailer is “ant-sized” and weren’t able to figure it out from the name, it’s because Ant-Man has the ability to change his own size, as shown in the leaked San Diego Comic-Con footage from 2012, below. If that sounds silly to you, consider the fact that the last Marvel movie, the stars of which included a talking tree and a machine gun-toting raccoon, made nearly $775 million at the box office.

Naturally, because the Internet absolutely cannot wait four whole days for anything, someone took the minuscule footage and enlarged it. You can actually sort of see “Ant-Man” star Paul Rudd and some text about something or other arriving if you squint.

And just because the world always needs more clips from the 2001 Ben Stiller comedy “Zoolander,” here’s one of those, in the hopes that the real teaser trailer is at least three times bigger:

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