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Box Taps Bain Veteran Chernoff to Run New Retail Unit

Retailers like the cloud.


Last fall, the cloud storage and collaboration company Box launched a new business initiative to work with big retailers. It’s called Box for Retail and the operation has helped attract business from big store chains like Sephora and Neiman Marcus.

 Josh Chernoff
Josh Chernoff

Today, the newly public company has tapped a retail veteran to run that business. Josh Chernoff, who led the Americas retail practice at Bain & Company, will be named managing director of the group. In addition to retail, he’ll also run Box’s business catering to consumer goods and hospitality companies.

Retailers are taking Box in some interesting directions, he says. “Some companies use it to collaborate behind the scenes between different locations, some use it on mobile devices to take special orders of products that aren’t in the store,” he said. “Usually, when a store would try to do things [themselves], the tools they’d use would be home-grown and kind of stitched together.”

Chernoff spent nine years at Bain and another 12 in retail practice at management consulting firm A.T. Kearney. He started out at Macy’s.

Clearly happy to be public and less shackled by quiet-period rules, Box also used the occasion of Chernoff’s hiring to crow a bit about new customers. Sticking with the retail theme, there were a bunch of big stores in the crowd aside from Neiman Marcus, among them American Apparel, Benefit Cosmetics and clothing retailer Oxford Industries, parent of brands like Lily Pulitzer and Tommy Bahama. Other new customers include Del Monte Foods and casino operator Wynn Resorts.

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