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Every month, thousands ask Google for help with their sexless marriages

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People are much more worried about the lack of sex in their marriages than the lack of, well, anything else, including happiness, love, and talking. At least, that's what the Google search results seem to indicate.

Here's a sad fact: 21,090 people per month googled the phrase "sexless marriage," and nearly 3,000 more searched for "sex starve marriage" and "no sex marriage." For comparison, the other top marriage related searchers were 6,029 people searching for "unhappy marriage," and 2,650 searched for "loveless marriage."

Google searches about spouses being unwilling to have sex are 16 times more common than searches about spouses being unwilling to talk.

The numbers come from an article for the New York Times, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz crunches data from Google searches and offers a number of findings — some surprising, others not — about life in the bedroom.

The data suggest a lack of sex is a less common concern for unmarried couples. "Sexless relationship" was searched 3,675 times per month, fewer than the 5,867 searches for "abusive relationship" and slightly more than the 3,563 searches for "complicated relationship."

There's much more interesting data on people's sex searches in the full article.

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