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Re/code on TV: Upgrading Uncertainty, Big Paychecks and So Much Boxing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these appearances are worth like a kazillion.

It was a busy week, with a hot tech IPO, President Obama’s tech-focused State of the Union speech and Apple’s ginormous paydays for senior executives. Consequently, Re/code staffers were seemingly everywhere on the tube this week.

First up was Box, which had a little IPO, in case you missed it. Kara Swisher talked about what Box is facing in the incredibly competitive online storage market on CNBC.

Managing editor Edmund Lee went on CNBC a few hours later to talk about the IPO and the long-term profitability outlook for the company.

Arik Hesseldahl had the last word when he joined Nightly Business Report to give his take on what Box’s IPO means.

No matter how great a week you might have had, it was nowhere as good as Apple’s Angela Ahrendts’s, who reported an incredible $73 million compensation package. Her boss, Tim Cook, took home just (just?) $9.2 million. Not surprisingly, Kara had some thoughts.

Apple execs might not be taking home quite as many piles of cash next year if consumers take Walt Mossberg’s advice about getting off the upgrade treadmill.

On Wednesday, Edmund Lee looked at how international growth was having some positive effects at Netflix for CNBC, though there are still concerns on the domestic side.

He also looked at how Netflix competitor Amazon is also going to try its hand at producing or acquiring original movies for theatrical release as well as being made available on its Prime service.

Finally, Ed talked about what might behind Google’s interest in investing in Elon Musk’s SpaceX program.

Ina Fried spoke to Bayerischer Rundfunk at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich about how amazing the Internet could become once it’s available to people in parts of the world, including parts of Africa, where access isn’t exactly robust right now.

Amy Schatz (that’s me!) went on Tuesday night to talk about president Obama’s State of the Union speech, which was expected to touch on several tech issues. (I don’t know what this face is about. The studio didn’t smell bad.)

Despite the stink face, the network invited me back on the air a few days later to talk about the speech again with fellow Re/coders on’s “Code Forward” program. Co-hosts Jason Del Rey and Nellie Bowles led a discussion with Genius CEO Tom Lehman, talked about drones with Katherine Boehret and grilled Kurt Wagner about Facebook’s new work-focused app.

Finally, Kurt Wagner also visited with NPR’s “Here & Now” this week to talk about a new study on how social media sites like Facebook and Instragram aren’t stressing you out. It’s seeing all of the stressful events in the lives of your friends via social media services which is stressing you out. Glad someone cleared that up.

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