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Sprint Takes on T-Mobile in Latest Promo, Offering Up to $550 to Switchers

The two smaller carriers are willing to go after each other in what could be a race to the bottom for new customers.


What started out as an offensive against larger wireless carriers increasingly looks like a free-for-all.

Sprint’s latest promotion promises to pay T-Mobile customers a guaranteed $200 in trade-in for their smartphones, plus up to $350 to pay off any remaining installment payments owed on the phone.

Offers to woo smartphone customers from one carrier to another, of course, are quite common in the increasingly saturated U.S. market. For the most part, though, T-Mobile and Sprint have focused their energies on their two larger rivals, AT&T and Verizon, rather than on each other.

Sprint, for example, has most recently focused its marketing on an offer that vows to cut monthly wireless bills in half, though the offer applies only to Verizon and AT&T customers.

In addition to its offer, Sprint touts its lower monthly bills, saying that its lowest unlimited plans, combined with a lease of a top-of-the line smartphone, run $80 per month, compared with $107 for T-Mobile’s unlimited data and monthly payments on a high-end phone. However, T-Mobile customers would own their phones at the end of two years.

T-Mobile also includes other benefits, including music service and international text and data roaming. T-Mobile also has lower-cost plans that include unlimited data, but cap the amount of high-speed data at a set number of gigabytes.

Sprint said the new offer will run through April 9.

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