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What happened when GloZell Green accidentally called Michelle Obama the President's first wife

GloZell Green is known for eating a hot pepper on Youtube and drinking a bathtub of cereal. Her Youtube channel has more than 3.3 million followers, but her most iconic feature is that she wears incredibly bright, shiny green lipstick.

When Green interviewed President Barack Obama on Thursday, she was wearing that iconic green lipstick, and—as a gesture of good faith—she brought three identical lipsticks to her interview for the president to give to his wife and two daughters. Up until the gifting of the lipsticks, Green's interview had been smart and eloquent touching on the issues of race and poverty in the United States. In the pressure of the moment, though, Green flipped her words and instead of saying that she had brought a lipstick for the "first lady" the words that came out of her mouth were "first wife."

The President laughed (just like he did earlier in the interview when Green said that Cuba put the "dick in dictator) and asked if she knew something he didn't.  You can watch the clip, and the fumble here.

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