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Obama's Youtube appearance was overtaken by Illuminati truthers

Beyoncé and Obama at Obama's inauguration
Beyoncé and Obama at Obama's inauguration
Win McNamee/Getty

President Obama chatted with three Youtube stars on a live Youtube broadcast on Thursday about everything from North Korea and marijuana legalization to Obamacare and cyber-bulling.  The video allowed for a live chat stream on the side so that watchers could interact while video showed. This, of course, could not possibly lead to any good.

Surprisingly, it led to a rising Illuminati rally! The commenters realized pretty early on that they could post an ASCII image of the Illuminati triangle. It was almost impossible to read the comments on the video because so many people were dropping insights at such a quick rate, but the one thing that repeated itself and was big enough to actually see, were dozens of Illuminati triangles. Here are a few examples:

illuminati 1

illuminati 2

illuminati 3

The conspiracy theory also bled over to another crucial social media site, Twitter:

What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati is a conspiracy theory that dates back to the 1700s and a group of white men called the Bavarian Illuminati. The Illuminati, like the Freemasons society, was just a secret society with some pretty undefined goals. In the 1700s they wanted to oppose superstition. Those Conservative men, unsurprisingly, are not exactly what these Youtube commenters are talking about. Really, not at all. The commenters were trying to talk about Beyonce.

Wait. These comments have to do with Beyoncé?

beyonce illuminati

Beyoncé making the Illuminati hand signal (Getty)

Yes, basically. The Illuminati is believed to be a group of rich and powerful people who control American society and maybe culture. They supposedly control well, everything— government, religion, entertainment, and politics.

Jay-Z is believed to be the leader of the Illuminati with his wife Beyoncé, recently criticized by Mike Huckabee, and many of the other popular artists on Jay-Z's label RocNation such as Rihanna.

rihanna illuminati gif


Is Obama in the Illuminati?

I mean. Maybe? The only arguments for Obama being a member of the Illuminati are that 1) he is a person in power and 2) President Obama has met members of the supposed Illuminati including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Kanye West.

Why are people doing this?

On a basic level, people like to feel like they belong to a group, and in tonight's YouTube comments, that group was an Illuminati fan club. Why are Youtube stars interviewing Obama? Why does GloZell Green wear green lipstick? Why is anything happening? There are some questions that we will never know the answer to, and the love of the Illuminati is one of those questions.

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