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Meet the YouTube stars who interviewed President Obama

President Obama took questions from YouTube stars today at 5PM Eastern. Watch it here:

Who are these people interviewing President Obama?

Three Youtube stars will interview president Obama today on the live-stream. Here's each of the stars and one of their most popular videos:

Hank Green is the first to interview the president. His Youtube brand is as a "professional nerd." He talks to his more than 2.5 million followers about everything from how to apologize and flatulence to explaining international news topics. Here's a video in which Hank and his brother John tell 54 jokes in 4 minutes:

GloZell Green is known for her bright green lipstick and her personal challenges. Her Youtube channel has more than 3.3 million followers. She's done everything on camera from drinking a bath full of cereal to eating a spoonful of cinammon. Here's a video of her eating a hot pepper that has 21 million views.

Bethany Mota is the third Youtube star to interview Obama. She is a DIY queen who gives her viewers tips on make-up application, party throwing, and Back to School hairstyles. Here's a video of her 2014 Summer Morning Routine. It has almost 8 million views:

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