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One paragraph that perfectly explains sexism in the music industry

Bjork performs in Ottawa
Bjork performs in Ottawa
Mark Horton/Getty

Björk has been a mesmerizing, if sometimes confusing, artist for 30 years. The Icelandic musician mixes together everything from EDM to jazz to indie rock to create her twisting, micro-beat-filled seven albums. She claims her eighth complete LP, Vulnicura, is her most emotional, most personal album yet.

Pitchfork published the first half of Jessica Hopper's conversation with Björk online Wednesday morning. The second half of the interview will appear in the February issue of P4K.

In the interview, Björk is unfailingly honest, at times breaking into tears over the emotional content of the album. She eloquently speaks about her work and her experience in an industry that is more often trying to use women as a mouthpiece than listening to what they have to say. Here's one paragraph from the interview that exemplifies just how difficult those interactions can be:

bjork answer

You can read the whole interview on Pitchfork.

[h/t @tinysubversions]

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