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Re/code on Radio and TV: Talking About Google's Glass Project, Facebook Delivering AMBER Alerts

Re/code staff talks about range of tech topics this week, from Google's Glass project to the Apple Watch.

The Re/code staff weighed in on a variety of tech topics this week, from U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron mulling a ban on encrypted messaging apps like Snapchat, what’s next for the Google Glass wearable computing program to Facebook’s decision to bring AMBER missing child alerts to the social networking site.

Re/code Co-executive Editor Kara Swisher weighs in on the pledge by Cameron to tighten laws around encrypted messaging apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Google said it is discontinuing the first version of its Glass project. Swisher discusses the “weird and awkward device,” but notes that, at least in concept, the idea was powerful.

Re/code Co-Executive Editor Walt Mossberg offered predictions about the likely adoption of the Apple Watch.

Mossberg says the Reach 79, a case for the Apple iPhone 6 that’s designed to boost call reception, delivers mixed results.

Associate Editor Kurt Wagner talked about Facebook bringing AMBER Alerts to users’ news feeds with KPCC’s Take Two show in Los Angeles, and with Tech News Today.

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