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Re/wind: Behind Amazon's "Lowest Price" Trick, Understanding the Internet of Things and More

And, of course, there were more hacks this week.


Happy long weekend. We deserve it. You deserve it. Here’s what happened this week over at Re/code:

  1. Amazon always has the cheapest stuff, right? Well, sort of. A recent study shows that Amazon just finds the most popular products on its site, and then prices them under the competition.
  2. The Internet of Things, or the IoT, is a new sector of tech focused on developing “smart” products that are connected to the Internet and one another in order to increase efficiency. It’s incredibly lucrative, and virtually every major tech company you know is breaking into this category. Read Bonnie Cha’s beginner’s guide to learn more.
  3. On Monday, ISIS-affiliated hackers gave the Pentagon fits when they briefly took control of U.S. Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts. We talked to cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs about a separate set of hacks from last month, and he says that basic hacks (not unlike what ISIS did this week) are indicative of deeper security problems across developed nations.
  4. At CES, TV makers showed off a bunch of new kinds of TVs with names and descriptors you may not know, like 4K, SUHD, quantum dots and so on. Here’s your road map to the new televisions of 2015, and how to make your trip to Best Buy a little less painful.
  5. The online fashion retailer Nasty Gal is shaking things up at the top after a particularly tough 2014 for the upstart company. Founder Sophia Amoruso is giving the CEO role over to president and chief product officer Sheree Waterston, formerly the chief product officer of Lululemon.
  6. This week Apple got an action camera patent specifically meant to challenge weaknesses in wearable camera maker GoPro’s products. When the markets heard the news, GoPro’s shares slid about 12 percent.
  7. We reviewed an iPhone case that uses a gold-plated sheet in the case its makers say will boost your cell service. Did it work? It’s unclear, but you may want to take a closer look at it if you’re in need dire need of better reception.
  8. Facebook soft-launched its enterprise-focused Facebook at Work app this week for a closed group of users. Also, Facebook founder and noted zillionaire Mark Zuckerberg said that what Facebook does isn’t “always about the money.”
  9. The White House made some tepid remarks this week in support of local communities looking to build their own broadband networks, and FTC commissioner Terrell McSweeny penned a guest column for us about why competition in the broadband market is so vital.
  10. Delivery grocer startup Instacart confirmed its $220 million funding round and $2 billion valuation this week, meaning now the company actually has to figure out how to put that cash to use to get its business model working nationwide.

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