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Taylor Swift continues world domination, takes over Speaker John Boehner's website

Speaker John Boehner used Taylor Swift gifs in his blog post
Speaker John Boehner used Taylor Swift gifs in his blog post

House Speaker John Boehner posted a listicle on his website this morning full of Taylor Swift gifs. The piece, which is co-authored by Boehner's communication director and deputy communications director, features 12 Taylor Swift gifs and a narrative about President Obama's proposal last week to provide free community college for all Americans.

The article is a smart move for Boehner, whose party is trying to gain back the millenial vote. Taylor Swift is one of the few artists that has fans in both political parties probably due to her country to pop crossover.

poltiical taylor


It features commentary such as "Still, 60 billion dollars is a lot of can't just shake it off." Followed by, fittingly, this gif:

taylor shake it off

What are Taylor Swift's political views? Would she approve of this blog post?

Taylor has not commented on the blog post on any of her social media platforms, and she is notoriously shy about sharing political opinions. Because her brand as a pop star is to appear as everyone's best friend, she rarely makes any commentary on controversial issues. There are, however, two clues to Taylor Swift's political leanings.

In 2008, back in the deep, curly-haired days of Swift's career, she presumably wrote on her Myspace page "Republicans do it better." It's worth noting that 8 of the 12 gifs are from this phase of Swift's career.

However, as her music has become more mainstream, her political views look to have shifted left. "I've never seen this country so happy about a political decision in my entire time of being alive," she told Rolling Stone in 2009, hinting her support for Barack Obama, "I'm so glad this was my first election. Since then, she's announced herself a feminist, and dropped lyrics like "you can love who you love/ boys and boys and girls and girls."