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You Can Still Buy Google Glass. Just Call It Something Else.

All the ridicule, now at one-third the price.

Google Glass may be getting the “We need to move your desk” treatment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eventually buy Google Glass.

Or, rather, something that appears to be a blatant copycat of it.

While covering the International CES a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across Cool Glass, a pair of “intelligent glasses” that looked strikingly like Google’s own techie face computer.

Cool Glass, according to a pamphlet I picked up from the company’s booth, “integrates with basic telecommunication functions” and allows “taking pictures, recording videos, voice-controlled calling … location-based services, augmented reality,” and more.


Alto Tech, the Beijing-based maker of Cool Glass, said the product will only cost $300 to $400 when it ships this spring. (The real Google Glass costs $1500.)

However, these will only be available in China. Also, they’re not actually Google Glass. Also, even if they were, I probably still wouldn’t want to wear them.

This is hardly the first Google Glass copycat, nor was it the most egregious ripoff at CES. See photo below:

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