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JK Rowling had the best possible reaction to Rupert Murdoch's anti-Muslim tweet

Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch
(Jason Reed - Pool/Getty Images)

On Friday, Rupert Murdoch tweeted that Muslims (sorry, "Moslems") should be "held responsible" for terrorism unless they destroy jihadism:

As Max Fisher has discussed in detail here, it's bigoted and Islamophobic to hold Muslims responsible for the acts of terrorist extremists like the Charlie Hebdo attackers, whom they do not support and cannot control, simply because they share the same religion.

But JK Rowling, in her perfect Twitter response to Murdoch, points out that it's also just plain weird.

After all, if Muslims are somehow automatically responsible for Islamic terrorism, then presumably adherents of other faiths should also be blamed for the terrible things done by their co-religionists.

Like, say ... Rupert Murdoch:

Australians also tweeted sarcastic apologies about their shared responsibility for the extremist cancer within their own community — a certain Mr. Rupert Murdoch:

And let's not forget people named "Rupert" — when will they recognize and destroy the extremism of their fellow Ruperts?

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