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Here Are 15 Crazy CES Videos -- And You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

How absurd and dorky are tech bloggers? Very.

Actually, there are only seven, but do you like the clicky headline? (It’s Sunday night, and if I don’t get my quota in, my Re/code email gets shut off.)

I don’t really know what to say about this CES video roundup. Culling through videos from the weeklong gadget conference in Vegas, I realized just how absurd and dorky (yet lovable!) tech bloggers are.

Here, a selection of CES videos for your Sunday night viewing:

Verge reporter Ross Miller tried to see what living at CES for a day would be like. When I first saw some tweets about this, I thought he had lived on the CES floor for a day, which is a great idea. I imagined climbing out of a smart bed after a night of convention center vacuum cleaners and gadgets gone awry. Alas, he just showed what it might be like:

The Verge also made an insane 257-gadgets-in-three-minutes video that’s quite mesmerizing:

Nimrod Kamer, a satirist calling himself the Tech Messiah, performed a Borat-like romp through CES in two parts:

Marty Sliva and Chris Carle, two IGN reporters, have a video called “The Wildest Robots of CES,” in which they decide to “become the robots”:

CNN got kind of angry and did a “Worst Gadgets of CES” video, highlighting my favorite gadgets:

Here, Yahoo’s David Pogue does a CES musical number, complete with tuxedo. No further comment:

But my favorite — and I’m biased, of course — is Re/code reporter Lauren Goode’s gorgeously produced video about women unmoored in a Samsung pond, which is really more of a poem. Okay, it’s kind of cheapo Vine, but it captures everything and more:

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