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CES! CES! CES! Re/code on TV Last Week.

I don't know if you heard, but last week was CES.

I don’t know if you heard, but last week was CES. And Re/code was on it.

Walt Mossberg went on CNBC to talk about the most ingenious gadgets on the convention floor:

Kara Swisher paired with CNBC’s Jon Fortt to break down the state of diversity in tech — and how a diverse workforce makes for a better company:

Kara returned to the hot seat to talk about WhatsApp’s rapid growth and the Apple Watch:

Jason Del Rey asked Lauren Goode and Nellie Bowles (me!) what was happening on the convention floor for Shift’s “Code Forward”:

Lauren Goode also went on Public Radio’s “Science Friday” to talk about CES and her stories, from a home security system with facial-recognition technology and a self-driving Mercedes that runs on hydrogen to a “smart mirror” that lets you try out a mustache or a new make-up regimen:

Katie Boehret talked CES’s must-have items on CNBC’s “Nightly Business Report”:

Bonnie Cha went on The Frame to give an overview of CES. (I can’t embed it, but click on over.)

And then the ubiquitous Lauren Goode also went on WBUR’s “Here & Now” to talk … CES! Specifically, about the Internet of Things:

In a change of pace, Kurt Wagner went on “This Week in Tech” to talk about the Facebook acquisition:

And then he was again on TWiT, co-hosting Marketing Mavericks, to talk about social media trends. (The embed will not take, so click on the link.)

Full disclosure: NBCUniversal is a minority investor in Revere Digital, Recode’s parent company.

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