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9 moving tributes to Charlie Hebdo from Arabic-language cartoonists

Cartoonists around the world have drawn responses to the brutal murders of the Charlie Hebdo staff. As the attackers claimed to be acting on behalf of Islam, there's a special poignancy to remembrances for the victims drawn by Arab and Muslim cartoonists. Here are a few.

Emad Hajjaj of Al Araby (Qatar). The top line reds "in condemnation of the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo":

Anwar of Al Masry al Youm (Egypt). It reads "long live sarcasm":

anuar al masry al youm

Emad Hajjaj, independently (Jordan):

emad hayyach charlie hebdo

Mohamed Sabaaneh (Palestinian):

mohamed sabaaneh charlie hebdo

Omar Abdallat (Jordan). The title reads "the extremist mind":

omar abdalat

An Nahar (Lebanon). It reads "So we will take revenge on the cartoonists's killers":

an nahar charlie hebdo

Chef Maklouf of Al Masry Al Youm (Egypt). It reads "solidarity with Charlie Hebdo":

Cheb Maklouf, Al Masri Al Youm charlie hebdo

Ganzeer (Egypt/USA). It reads "But he called me a terrorist!":

Ganzeer charlie hebdo

Anwar of Al Masri Al Youm (Egypt):

anuar 2 al masri al youm charlie hebdo

Special thanks to Fundación al FanarYedioth Ahronoth, and Reddit user sexcrazydwarf for translation and sourcing.