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Remarkably easy ways to read more books in 2016

Lauren Katz is a project manager at Vox, focusing on newsroom-wide editorial initiatives as well as podcast engagement strategy.

You've likely spent the past few days tossing around ideas for a New Year's resolution. If you've landed on something that involves reading more, writer and artist Austin Kleon has some advice on how to stick to your literary goals.

While working as a librarian in Cleveland, Kleon came across Nancy Pearl's "Rule of 50": You should give a book about 50 pages.

"Responding to a book is so much about the right place and right time," he wrote in an email to Vox last year. "You have to feel free to skip things, move on, and (maybe) come back later."

In 2014, Kleon read more than 70 books, a new personal record. Despite having a toddler in the house, Kleon says finding the time to read isn't an issue. The hardest part, he says, is having a reading list queued up to make sure he has the right book ready for when he finishes the one he's reading.

Kleon likes to read so much that he designed this wallpaper for his phone to remind him he has a choice, according to his website. And that's not all— he also wrote a piece titled "33 Thoughts on Reading."

In 2015, Kleon managed to read more than 60 books. Twenty of his favorites are listed here.