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What We Still Don't Know About the Apple Watch and Apple Pay

We want answers!

Vjeran Pavic

Apple unveiled its latest generation of devices Tuesday, and while there was much to ogle and covet, there are still many basic unanswered questions.

On the Apple Watch

  • What’s the battery life? Apple told reporters following the event to “charge it at night,” suggesting it may only last a day, but even then, why don’t they say how long it lasts?
  • How will it work with Apple Pay if it doesn’t have fingerprint ID? Can someone steal my Apple Watch and go to Disney World on a shopping and ride spree?
  • How much storage does it have? How many songs or other media will it hold when it’s not connected to the phone?
  • Apple told Re/code’s Ina Fried that the tracking of physical activity and the ability to listen to music will work without being tethered to the iPhone. What else can it do without a phone?
  • Apple says the watch starts at $349. It looked like there were many possible configurations, including leather and metal bands. How expensive can it get? Is there a blinged-out version?
  • As Felix Salmon points out (via Bloomberg Businessweek), we don’t even know the basic dimensions and weight of the Watch.

On Apple Pay

  • Apple says over 200,000 stores are currently enabled to accept Apple’s technology for payments, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they all will. How many stores will actually be able to take Apple Pay when it starts in October?
  • What’s the deal structure between Apple and the payment providers? Does Apple make anything on each transaction? How much? Or is there a cost to Apple? If so, how much?
  • Why would anyone want to use it?

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