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Joe Ripp's Plan to Save Time Inc.: The Full Code/Media Interview (Video)

Hint: The plan will involve lots of digital.

Vjeran Pavic

Time Inc. is perhaps the world’s most storied magazine publisher. But that doesn’t seem like an enviable position to be in right now: Revenue and profits have been declining for years, and now the company behind People, Sports Illustrated and Fortune doesn’t have a corporate parent to shield it from Wall Street.

So what’s CEO Joe Ripp’s plan? We asked him last week, at our Code/Media event at the Steelcase WorkLife Center in New York, and we’ve published bits of his answers already (Heads up, bubbly dot-coms: Ripp doesn’t want to buy you, at least not at today’s prices.)

Now you can watch the full video of our onstage chat. Spoiler: He’s not exactly sure how his plan is going to work, but it’s going to involve lots of digital.

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