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Twitter PR Vet Carolyn Penner Moves to Vine

Rachel Millner will take over for Penner as head of product communications at Twitter.


Carolyn Penner, head of product communications at Twitter, is moving to Vine to head up communications and marketing for the company’s six-second video sharing service.

Penner, who joined Twitter in 2010, is the longest tenured member of Twitter’s communications team. She will take up her new role in Vine’s New York office beginning in October.

Penner has handled communications for Vine since the app launched in early 2013, but never as a full-time focus. It’s likely she’ll build out a full marketing and communications team once she’s settled in the new role, but will operate on her own for now.

Another member of Twitter’s communications team, Rachel Millner, will take over for Penner as head of product communications. She will report directly to Rachael Horwitz, director of communications at the company, who now oversees media, consumer and product communications at Twitter.

Update: Includes further explanation of Twitter’s reporting structure.

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