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Uber Adding 50,000 New "Driver Jobs" a Month, Up From 20,000 in May

Uber has hundreds of thousands of drivers around the world.

Asa Mathat

Cab drivers may claim their jobs are in jeopardy, but Uber is adding thousands of jobs on its own platform, says CEO Travis Kalanick.

Kalanick says his on-demand car service is adding 50,000 new “driver jobs” each month, more than double the 20,000 new driver jobs Uber was adding just over three months ago in May. Uber has “hundreds of thousands” of drivers in its network, and is expanding into new cities all the time, Kalanick added at Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

“Driver jobs” are an Uber-created metric used to quantify new drivers on its platforms. These jobs are global — Uber is available in 45 countries — and while they aren’t jobs in the traditional sense, they do signify opportunities for people to make money by picking up passengers through the app. Uber, which raised more than a billion dollars in June, is valued at more than $18 billion.

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