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AT&T Licenses Its "Digital Life" Home Automation Service to Telefonica

The European carrier is the first company to license the home automation and security technology that AT&T launched to its customers last year.


AT&T is announcing Monday that European carrier Telefonica has agreed to start selling AT&T’s home automation and security service outside the United States.

Even before it launched the so-called Digital Life service last year, AT&T had said it would look for opportunities to license the technology to others. Getting that first customer is a big deal, AT&T Mobility CEO Glenn Lurie said in an interview.

“We are doing deals,” Lurie said. “You should expect us to do more deals around the globe.”

AT&T and Telefonica didn’t go into the specifics of where the service will be launched, nor the financial terms of the deal. Telefonica, which is based in Spain and also has significant operations in Germany and the United Kingdom, said trials would begin in the first half of 2015 and that it is working with AT&T to adapt the service to meet all required European Commission standards.

In general, AT&T seeks an up-front payment, a one-time per-customer royalty and a cut of the ongoing service revenue, though its deals will vary.

“They are licensing a good portion of the overall platform and devices from us,” Lurie said.

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