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Cricket Partners With GameStop to Expand Its Nationwide Footprint

The AT&T-owned prepaid brand will have phones for sale in nearly 3,000 GameStop stores by the end of October.


Cricket Wireless will start selling its wares in nearly 3,000 GameStop stores across the country as parent company AT&T continues to take the prepaid cellular brand nationwide.

“Our mission here is all about growth,” Cricket President Jennifer Van Buskirk said in an interview, noting that the company now has roughly 3,000 of its own stores in more than 1000 cities. Van Buskirk said that Cricket and GameStop targeted a similar demographic of people who are both value-conscious and interested in technology.

AT&T completed its acquisition of Cricket in March and has added several hundred stores since then.

Cricket phones should be available in all GameStop stores by the end of October.

Van Buskirk said Cricket will continue to look for other potential places to sell its wares.

Cricket has been aggressively going after customers of rivals, including with a promotion offering a $100 credit to those coming from T-Mobile and its MetroPCS prepaid brand.

“We’re in it to win it,” Van Buskirk said.

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