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This video of two deer running down the Golden Gate Bridge at rush hour is mesmerizing

It's only 15 seconds long, but there's something indescribable about this video, by San Francisco-based photographer and designer Steve King, of two deer running down the Golden Gate Bridge in the middle of Friday evening rush hour.

Maybe it's the stillness they bring to the daily commute, otherwise a moment of frazzled tension — what could be more antithetical to a traffic jam than two frolicking deer? — maybe it's the way that the awful daily ritual of the commute shuts down completely for these two animals. Maybe it's the reminder that this all used to belong to nature. Or maybe it's just nice to look at videos from central California. Whatever it is, I watched it about one hundred times before I could close it when King posted it in September, and I'm sharing it again with you now.

California highway patrol told local media that traffic cleared for the animals all the way across, from San Francisco to Marin. A highway patrol representative said there had been animals on the bridge before, but that in his two years on the job he had not seen anything like this.

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