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Jill Abramson Doesn't Get the Daily Mail, Loves Quartz

Abramson's digital favs.

What’s not to get about sex, murder and gossip?

Jill Abramson, the recently departed editor of the New York Times, is the wrong person to ask.

“I’ve been trying to figure out … I’m trying to get why the Daily Mail is like catnip to digital audiences here,” she said in an interview with Re/code co-founder and co-executive editor Kara Swisher at the Code/Media Series: New York. “I don’t get it yet, other than I get the celebrity stuff. I’m looking at that.”

Abramson had an easier time ticking off the digital things she does like. Here’s what made the list:

Pandora: “Pandora is always playing. I think that is genius.”

Politico: “I am a fan and have been for a long time.”

Quartz: “I’m reading the Atlantic’s Quartz. I think that’s quite good.”

Huffington Post: “I don’t habitually go. I rarely go to the homepage. I mainly, if I’m researching something and they’ve written something, it’s usually at the top of the Google search. … I think basically, she (Arianna Huffington) is really smart and I think she pioneered what everyone else is copying now, which is to develop verticals. Everyone is vertical crazy. The newish vertical — wellness and sleep — that’s smart.”

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