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Viral Video: Yes, Ryan Seacrest Will Talk to a Stuffed Cat to Sell Suits

Yes, a talking stuffed cat.

You have to give it to Hollywood multi-mogul Ryan Seacrest, who has bear-hugged all means of social media to sell his television shows and more, often in a self-deprecating way. Now, he’s doing it for a new line of men’s clothing — Ryan Seacrest Distinction — that he is doing for Macy’s. The store released the video on Facebook, Vine and Snapchat, which was a collaboration with Google’s YouTube creator ScottDW.

The result: “Talking Cat Has EPIC Morning.”

Yes, a talking stuffed cat.


By the way, here’s a video of Seacrest talking to me in a joint interview I did with him and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at the Code Conference earlier this year:

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