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Line Forms at NY Apple Store for Products Yet to Be Unveiled

The line to buy an Apple iPhone has already formed!

Anthony Quintano for Re/Code

Apple has yet to announce the details of anything, but already, a line has started to form outside the company’s flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City.

One Mississippi couple made their inaugural trip to the city for the express purpose of waiting for the anticipated arrival of the iPhone 6.

Moon and Jason Ray have been camping out since Monday — though news of the latest Apple products is still six days away. They’ve laid in provisions for the long haul, purchasing thermal sleeping bags, an air mattress, folding chairs, a tarp, umbrellas and a solar battery charger.

“We’re committed to longevity,” said Moon Ray, an actress and model from Austin, Texas. “We’re here for as long as it takes to be here.”

The Rays are joined on the sidewalk by a pair of line-sitting veterans, Brian Ceballo and Joseph Cruz, who were wearing blue T-shirts emblazoned with the name of their official sponsor, electronics reseller BuyBackWorld.

This marks the fifth year Ceballo and Cruz have staked out a spot on the sidewalk outside an Apple store to be among the first to buy a newly introduced iPhone. They arrived Sunday, prepared to set a personal record in delayed gratification — surpassing their past feat of waiting 15 days for the latest model.

Ceballo and Cruz’s patience has already been rewarded. The Rays paid them $1,250 each to take the first spots in line.

The Rays’ generosity was not purely an expression of Apple devotion. The couple’s excursion is being underwritten by the creators of Video Medicine, a telemedicine application that debuts Sept. 8. The couple animatedly discuss the app with the journalists who stop to interview them.

“I’m still doing my job out here,” said Jason Ray, who works as a consultant to the company. “And it’s entertaining just to watch New York happen.”

The Weather Channel forecast thunderstorms for Saturday.

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