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The Rise of the Nearly Naked Barista, Leaving the Internet for a Year and More Morning #Mustreads

A new trend in the Pacific Northwest: "Bikini baristas" serving you coffee.

Good morning!

It’s Wednesday, and Re/code is here to help you get over the midweek hump with some good stuff from around the Web:

  1. If you heard about a prostitution sting involving Pacific Northwest coffee spots with names like “Java Juggs,” (if you haven’t, here’s a concise post about it from The Week) then you should take a look at this more in-depth piece from Business Insider, which places the “bikini barista” trend squarely within the near-naked food service madness that’s sweeping the Pacific Northwest.
  2. David Roberts, a blogger for the environmental news site Grist, abandoned Twitter and his regular Internet habits a bit over a year ago, and just recently returned to the Net. Most people who “take a break” from being online tend to write insufferable, self-congratulatory nothing-burgers about their hermitage that make you feel worse for having read them. This meditation from Roberts, for Outside Magazine, is the rare exception.
  3. Do you like cute dogs? Of course you like cute dogs. The Dodo has a video of a French bulldog puppy discovering rain and jumping around in puddles.
  4. The makers of Halo are coming out with a highly anticipated sci-fi video game called Destiny, and by all accounts it looks like it will be a monster hit. The Destiny team and Google Street View teamed up for this slick marketing stunt advertising “Destiny Planet View,” which you can probably figure out. Here’s the YouTube link.
  5. Alex Pareene is one of those writers who is always worth reading for big laughs and incisive critiques (I’ll refer you to his most recent media hack list), and since he left his column at Salon to join the Pierre Omidyar-funded First Look Media, we haven’t seen a lot of him. Until yesterday! He did some guest-blogging at Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, and came up with these two great posts.

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