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Watch: Where the White House intruder went, in one GIF

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

A White House intruder armed with a knife made it deep into the White House earlier this month before Secret Service stopped him, the Washington Post reported Monday.

Omar Gonzalez, the intruder, overpowered one Secret Service agent to make it as far as one of the entrances to the White House's Green Room before being stopped. It's easiest to understand just how far he got with this GIF that Vox's Adam Baumgartner created with Google Street View, using information from the Washington Post's article to trace Gonzalez's path.

white house intruder

(Adam Baumgartner/Vox)

Here is the route that Gonzalez took from the White House's front door entrance, as described by the Washington Post's Carol Leonnig:

After barreling past the guard immediately inside the door, Gonzalez, who was carrying a knife, dashed past the stairway leading a half-flight up to the first family's living quarters. He then ran into the 80-foot-long East Room, an ornate space often used for receptions or presidential addresses.

Gonzalez was tackled by a counter-assault agent at the far southern end of the East Room. The intruder reached the doorway to the Green Room, a parlor overlooking the South Lawn with artwork and antique furniture, according to three people familiar with the incident.

There are two doors to the Green Room; the Post does not specify which one Gonzalez used.

The new Washington Post story is the latest revelation in a series of articles revealing gaps in the White House's security. You can read more of the Post's reporting here.

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