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This video shows why it's so dangerous of Brady Hoke to put Shane Morris back in the game

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Two big stories have refocused attention this week on football's concussion problem. First University of Michigan coach Brady Hoke put quarterback Shane Morris back into a game against Minnesota. Some are calling for Hoke to be fired.

The other story is that a doctor now says former linebacker Jovan Belcher's brain shows signs of CTE, the neurodegenerative disease that is the central worry in the concussion controversy. The nature of CTE is it can't really be tested for except via autopsy, but Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend and then killed himself in 2012. And it seems clear that as long as we have coaches taking Hoke's attitude toward their players' health, we're going to have more players ending up like Belcher.

In this video, Joseph Stromberg walks you through the science of concussions and the threat they pose to the health of NFL players and the sport of football:

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