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Tech Outreach Video Has the Most SF Cast List Ever (Updated)

Duboce Girl. Burrito Guy. Tech Journalist. Lyft Driver. Biz Stone.

It has been six months since the last major anti-tech bus-blocking protests, and San Francisco’s local characters and Silicon Valley tech titans are finally showing they can agree on some things.

Or at least they can make a video together.

For the launch of One City, a campaign to unite tech companies, elected officials and public opinion, everyone from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone made a cameo appearance. The video below promotes One City’s big initiative, called Circle the Schools, which partners a Bay Area tech company with every public school in San Francisco.

The joke: Stone starts the video off by saying, in an interview, “My book will launch soon,” and all of sudden everyone is asking about this MyBook, as though it were a new iPhone.

It’s the cast list — peppered with SF-famous names and types — that makes it work: Duboce Girl. Burrito Guy. Tech Journalist. Lyft Driver. M.C. Hammer.

The complete cast:

Tech Journalist — Rachel Delante
Biz Stone — Himself // co-founder of Twitter
Biker 1 — Olivia Rosaldo-Pratt
Biker 2 — Mylen Lee
Tech Journalist — Christina Farr // reporter at Reuters
Colorful Hat Guy — Daniel Juenemann
Lyft Driver — Ronen Sberlo
Basketball Guy — Jay Gierak // founder and CEO of
Mayor Ed Lee — Himself
Castro Resident — Rotimi Agbabiaka
Frank Chu — Himself
Tent Guy — Matt Lieb // Bay Area Comedian
Joe Montana — Himself
Police Chief Suhr — Himself
Startup CEO — Dan Greenberg // founder and CEO of Sharethrough
Businessman — Warren Serkin
Duboce Girl — Danielle Schnur
M.C. Hammer — Himself
Surfer Guy — Jesse Perri
Harrison Barnes — Himself
Broke Ass Stuart — Himself
Burrito Guy — Tomas Wischerath
Comedian — Joe Nguyen // Bay Area Stand-up Comedian

The same production company, Portal A, created some other funny “let’s all get along” videos. One is called “Ed Lee is 2 Legit 2 Quit”:

And then there’s the more demure “This Is How Technology Will Create a Smarter San Francisco”:

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