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Bending an iPhone 6 Plus Is Pretty Darn Hard, Consumer Reports Says

The phone performed well under testing even harsher than Apple's own.

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Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t bend as readily as a brief surge of Internet hype earlier in the week would have had you believe.

Consumer Reports, the gold standard when it comes to testing consumer products for failures in the course of routine and non-routine use, late Friday published its findings on the issue.

CR subjected the two iPhone 6 models, the iPhone 5, plus the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One to what it calls a “three-point flexural test,” in which the device is supported at two points and hit with force on a third. It found that the iPhone 6 Plus — the one said to be most vulnerable to bending — stood up to about 90 pounds of force before bending, and came apart at the 110-pound mark.

And while it’s not as much weight as the thicker iPhone 5 could take — 130 pounds of force before bending and 150 pounds before coming apart — the stress testing was far tougher than Apple’s own using similar equipment at 55 pounds.

How did it stand up against the competition? Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 stood up to 150 pounds of force before bending, but also came apart at the same point. Same for the LG G3 at 130 pounds. The most delicate of the bunch was the HTC One, which could take only 70 pounds of force before bending and 90 pounds before breaking apart.

For the record, Apple says it has received only nine complaints about bent iPhones. In its own labs it said it stress-tested 15,000 units.

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