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Video: Even Canadians can't talk about the Middle East without fighting

Having a conversation about the Middle East without it devolving into angry shouting is hard — so hard, in fact, that even the famously polite Canadians can't do it. That's the lesson of this surprisingly intense video of Canada's House of Commons "discussing" their country's role in Iraq, which begins with opposition lawmaker Thomas Mulcair asking the leadership to "confirm" that their military commitment will end in October.

The answer comes from lawmaker Paul Calandra, who is a member of the majority Conservative party, and who responds, weirdly enough, by demanding that Mulcair answer questions about his fundraiser's views on the Israel-Palestine conflict. It goes downhill pretty quickly from there, because of course it does.

Wild accusations! Non-sequiturs about Israel! Bizarre insinuations about supporting genocide! Shouting matches in which no one is even sure what they're arguing aboot! And, to top it all off, an accusation of dual loyalty! Canadians: they're just like us.

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