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Look, Ma, No Bridge! Sonos Updates Wi-Fi Speaker System.

One less piece of hardware to buy.

Sonos, which makes Wi-Fi-connected home speakers that eliminate the need for complicated wiring, has updated its speaker system today so that users have one less piece of hardware to buy.

The updated system means new buyers no longer need the “bridge,” a $50 router-like device that previously needed to be connected to a wireless router at home to create a mesh network for the Sonos speakers. The Sonos wireless speakers, which range from the $199 Play-1 speaker to the $699 TV Playbar and $699 Sub, now connect directly to the existing Wi-Fi router and “talk” to one another to play music in sync. Existing Sonos owners can also update their systems through the Sonos mobile app and ditch the bridge.

It’s a small change, but one that Sonos has been working on for two years, the company says, because complications could arise in difficult wireless environments. If, for example, a speaker is placed out of range from the Wi-Fi signal — which may only affect those with Large Expansive Home syndrome — there could be a latency in music streaming. Sonos is introducing a Boost bridge device for those scenarios.

If you’re looking for other ways to boost your Sonos experience, you should read this column from my colleague Katie Boehret. And there’s my shameless Re/code plug for the day.

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