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What Happens if Uber Wins, a Google Glass App That Can Read Your Emotions and More #Mustreads

And yes, a story about the photos you've read about, too.

Asa Mathat

Good morning!

Here are some links to help you work off that Labor Day BBQ hangover, brought to you by the Re/code team:

  1. Many people have something to say about the nude celebrity photos that appeared on the Web this weekend (Apple says it is looking into the role its iCloud storage system may have played). Roxane Gay, writing in the Guardian, may have the sharpest take on what this says about the people who grabbed the pictures: “What these people are doing is reminding women that, no matter who they are, they are still women. They are forever vulnerable.”
  2. In other Web privacy news: We haven’t heard of a Google Glass app with the startling capacity to unnerve you for a while. Fixed! The Daily Dot introduces us to the SHORE Human Emotion Detector, which recognizes and interprets facial expressions. This couldn’t possibly go wrong!
  3. No debate that Uber and its management are very, very aggressive competitors. Salon’s Andrew Leonard takes a step back to ask what the consequences might be if Uber (or “a company with the DNA of Uber”) actually “wins” and completely dominates an industry.
  4. There have been previous deep dives into the notorious hacker collective Anonymous (Adrian Chen’s 2013 Gawker account of Anonymous and Steubenville was particularly good), but the New Yorker’s latest dispatch is on a whole other level. It’s also timely, with details about Anonymous’ role in “Operation Ferguson,” which fingered the wrong person for Mike Brown’s shooting.
  5. Sure, your parents may have been committed to your academic success — helping you with homework, college applications, rides from school, etc. — but would any of them plant drugs in the car of another PTA parent for you? Gawker has the details.

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