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This is how much you need to be in the wealthiest 1%

Ever wondered how much money (and stock, assets, etc.) you needed to make the cutoff for the wealthiest 1 percent? Or even for the wealthiest 20 percent?

report from the Pew Research Center, working off of data from the Census Bureau, lays it out. In 2011, America's wealthiest 1 percent had at least $2,385,306 to their names. That's $63,236 more than you needed to hit the top percentile in 2009.

By contrast, you qualified as above average if you had more than $71,298 — about 1/30th of what the top 1 percent hold.

wealth levels

Pew Research Center

Note that this is all 2011 data: the cutoffs are likely a bit higher now.

Income inequality, by the way, is a very different story. In 2011, you needed to bring home $388,905 in adjusted gross income to qualify for the top 1 percent and $34,823 to make the top 50 percent. But as this video explains, wealth inequality is a lot more important than income inequality, even though it gets less attention.