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Riverbed Exec Bolts for Stealth Security Startup Illumio

The startup is also getting close to coming out of stealth mode.

US Navy

Illumio, the still-in-stealth security startup that so far has raised $42 million and change in venture capital, has just hired an executive out of the networking company Riverbed.

Scott Downie, who for nearly nine years ran Riverbed’s customer support operations, has joined Illumio in a similar role, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Illumio is working on an approach to security that involves applications running in virtual machines, an increasingly common setup in corporate offices. Virtualization, a bedrock technology of cloud computing, allows one single physical computer to split up its resources in such a way that it can act like dozens of computers. Illumio’s investors include General Catalyst, Formation 8 and Andreessen Horowitz as well as CEO Marc Benioff and Box CEO Aaron Levie.

Securing virtual machines is a popular theme among startups these days. Just yesterday another startup, vArmour, came out of stealth mode with a plan to secure data traffic between virtual machines.

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