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Code/Mobile to Feature CEOs From Stripe, Quixey and URX and Airtel's Product Chief

More big names are coming, so book now or risk being shut out.

In addition to bringing some of the biggest names to the Code/Mobile stage, we’re also highlighting a handful of startups we think you will be hearing a lot more about.

Last year, we brought you Waze before the Google deal, WhatsApp before Facebook made its acquisition bid and China’s Xiaomi before many had heard of the up-and-coming phone maker.

This year, we’re excited to shine our spotlight on Patrick Collison, part of the brother-and-brother team that runs payments company Stripe, as well as the chief executives of Quixey and URX, two startups in the increasingly important area of mobile search.

While Google has become synonymous with search on the Web, searching for things within apps is a new field dominated by small companies that focus on so-called deep links. Tomer Kagan, who runs Quixey, and John Milinovich are experts in that area.

Milinovich runs URX, a San Francisco-based company with a goal to make all the world’s apps searchable. He started the company last year, following short stints at Google and Yahoo, after seeing how apps were becoming all-important yet increasingly walled-off places.

Kagan is also taking on the in-app search challenge and has raised a significant war chest from investors, including Alibaba.

Of course, while search is an area dominated by startups today, it’s also vital to companies like Google and Microsoft. It wouldn’t be surprising to see either of these companies get acquired by one of the big boys.

Mobile payments are already a big deal and about to be even bigger. Stripe is in the middle of nearly all the excitement in mobile commerce these days, powering Lyft, Instacart and many others, and cutting deals with Apple Pay and Alipay. Collison will talk about how a simple approach helped his startup outmaneuver many larger players in the space.

And Kagan, Collison and Milinovich are all 30 and under.

Another big theme from last year was highlighting the global impact of mobile. To that end, we are pleased to be joined by Anand Chandrasekaran, who is chief product officer for Indian mobile carrier Bharti Airtel. Chandrasekaran left Yahoo earlier this year and has been hard at work on a variety of efforts for Airtel, including becoming the launch carrier partner for Google’s Android One project.

These four join a lineup that also includes Greg Joswiak from Apple, T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the founders of Instagram, Susan Wojcicki of YouTube, Rick Osterloh from Motorola and many more.

Before you ask: No, we aren’t finished yet. We have a couple of big-name (and yes, we do mean big) surprises still to add. That means if you want to attend Code/Mobile, you would be better off booking your ticket this week rather than waiting and risk being shut out.

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