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Misfit Adds the $50 Plastic Flash to Its Lineup of Activity Trackers

As smartwatches go one way, activity-trackers are going another.

Wearable-tech startup Misfit has introduced yet another activity tracker to the market, underscoring the company’s theory that lightweight wristbands will remain a separate category from fancy or expensive smartwatches.

The new Misfit Flash is plastic and costs just $50, unlike the company’s original Shine tracker, which is made of machined aluminum and costs $100. Like the Shine, it tracks steps, sleep and even activities like swimming, and wirelessly syncs that info to iOS and Android smartphones. The display-free tracker, which shows your activity levels via LED light indicators, will run for a year on a coin battery.

The Flash can be preordered today and ships sometime in October.

Last week, following the unveiling of Apple’s new smartwatch, Misfit founder Sonny Vu acknowledged that the Watch was the “prettiest of the screen-based smartwatches out there,” but said he doesn’t see Misfit or other makers of activity trackers competing with multi-functional wearables in the $300-and-above market. He also called poor battery life the “nemesis of all first-generation smartwatches.”

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