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Tinder for the Fortune 500, Why Dads Love Minecraft and More #Mustreads

Rich, hyper-successful people need dating apps, too. Right?


Good morning!

Here’s some piping hot content to go down with your morning coffee, brought to you by Re/code:

  1. Are you hyper-successful and lonely? Maybe you should try The League, a new invite-only dating app that promises to connect users with a “high-caliber community of people.” Forbes repeats The League’s boast that 40 percent of its members have advanced degrees and that 20 percent are CEOs or company founders.
  2. Minecraft, Microsoft’s new $2.5 billion gaming acquisition, is seen by some as a sign of the future of the industry: cross-platform games with broad appeal outside the “classic” gamer demographic of men aged 18-34. In the Verge, Ben Popper underscores the game’s “cross-generational” charm by interviewing parents who love the game and want their kids to play it. One dad thinks the game is so influential among kids that he believes “there is a Minecraft generation.”
  3. The subject of a lengthy New Yorker piece, GoPro’s metaphorical and literal stock is riding high: Its share price is trading at almost $70 (up 180 percent from its June IPO), its YouTube videos average about half a million views each and the company marshals an army of “brand ambassadors” ranging from San Francisco skateboarders to astronauts on the International Space Station. Nick Paumgarten explains how GoPro got there, though the answer to the what’s-next question is fuzzy.
  4. Many of us, myself included, played around with skateboards. But few us were good enough to become GoPro material. BuzzFeed tells us what we missed: Both the fun of the sport itself, and fascinating subcultures around it.
  5. PFTCommenter is Twitter’s best sports troll, a (possible?) parody account fond of misspellings and Hot Sport Takes that’s the congealed id of every sports site comment section. In Slate, Ben Mathis-Lilley argues that PFTCommenter (“Pro Football Talk Commenter”) is the Stephen Colbert of the sports world, a savant who points out the flaws of major sports institutions by acting just as obtusely as these organizations assumes their fans are. For more, here’s PFTCommenter’s new website,

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